A Letter to Sri Durga Mata from Yogananda

Dear Durga, I know not when I have been pleased with anyone next to Saint Lynn. Among my men disciples Mr. Lynn has the first seat in Heaven and in my heart and among my lady disciples you will have the first seat with Sister in heaven and in my consciousness. Your behavior and work has pleased me most and how could an uneducated one like you become so educated in everything.

I have been the same way in life, read very little-but written much. Are you flattered – no – but all this I say what comes from within for the most wonderful cooperation you have given.

"Meditate and dedicate yourself to God!" And behave best before yourself within and before all, – Paramahansa Yogananda - June 24th, 1936 Bombay

Special note: Hamid Bey shown on the far right was Yoganandas Honary Vice President. PDF Link Here

Paramahansa Yogananda

I want to ply my boat, many times, across the gulf-after-death, and return to earth's shores from my home in Heaven.

I want to load my boat with those waiting, thirsty ones who are left behind and carry them by the opal pool of iridescent joy Where my Father distributes His all-desire-quenching liquid peace.

Oh, I will come again and again! Crossing a million crags of suffering . With bleeding feet, I will come –If need be, a trillion times– so long as I know One stray brother is left behind.

I want Thee, O Lord, that I may give Thee to all. Free me then, O God, from the bondage of the body. That I may show others how they can free themselves.

I want Thine everlasting bliss only that I may share it with others. That I may show all my brothers the way to happiness, forever and forever in Thee."

Paramahansa Yogananda  

Audio Media

The unique presence of Sri Durga Mata both before and after her physical lifetime continues to deeply intercede, inspire and heal. You are invited to enter the gracious arena to enjoy beautiful, vibrantly energized talks given to devotees and special rare chanting meditations captured in Borrego Springs. ( A dear friend and kind Devotee Rebekah Near provided these cassette recordings for us to enjoy and chant along with) . Sri Durga Mata's beautiful chant to Yogananda is also included (Song to Master):

Song to Master Lyrics:

"Master, oh how I love you
Without your presence, no joy can stay.
So please respond to, my calls to you
And keep delusion away.
Master, beloved Master,
with you I'm happy, though skies are gray.
So please respond to, my calls to you
Oh, come, dear Master I pray."

Please tap the title at the top of the page "Audio MP3 Link" to listen to the audio collection of Sri Durga Mata, Dr Lewis, Brother Anandamoy in Chicago ( early audience recording of stories), Brother Bhaktananda singing, Brother Turiyananda prayers. Please tilt your device to Landscape width on your potable device or use your fingers to enlarge the audio listings, many more will be added.

Yogananda asked Sri Durga Mata to Assist Rajasi

When she arrived at the headquarters building, she was greeted by Yogananda who said "Where have you been? I have been waiting for you". She later explained that he meant he had been waiting for her to join him in this lifetime. He gave her the monastic name "Ma Durga" because that had been her name in her previous lifetime where she lived in an Indian ashram that he had established.

Her husband, who also became an SRF member, realized that her path was as a monastic and after seven years of marriage, willingly wanted her to further her spiritual path to become a monastic disciple. She quickly earned Yogananda's love and respect due to her complete and loyal dedication to him and his teachings. She served him in numerous ways, even though she had not received formal training in tasks such as cook, housekeeper, carpenter, office management, mechanical repairs by tuning in with Master, she quickly mastered them all.

Sri Durga Mata, who after spending her life with Yogananda as one of his closest, earliest devotees, lit up a pathway to his heart for others to experience through sharing her observances of his love of humor, joy, generosity, spreading of good cheer and fun.

"With God, everything is fun. Without God, everything is anything but fun." Paramahansa Yogananda


Attunement with Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda stated often that because she was so attuned to him, he could transmit his instructions to her and she carried them out completely. In her later years, she learned how to gold leaf (she gold-leafed the Hollywood Temple), became an artist painting and creating beautiful sculptures. Another key part of her life service was a spiritual counselor, indeed spiritual mother, to numerous sincerely dedicated SRF lay members seeking God.

Sri Durga Mata was so humble that she took no credit for the wisdom and love that she shared. Instead, she often said "Now, this is Master speaking. Pay attention". Although she had little formal education, she radiated wisdom and love to those who were in tune. A saint is hard to describe. The intent of this Web site dedicated to her is to honor her life and service; to better explain this extraordinary person; and to help those who would like to know about her and through her, the incomparable Avatar, Paramahansa Yogananda, an incarnation of Divine Love.

Through her life example she has demonstrated the map, the reality of overcoming one's karma now, 'pulling out the thorns' and reaping the results of the path provided lovingly by Paramahansa Yogananda with His life teaching and techniques. As passed down lovingly by Babaji, we will discover that within us is the truth, that God is holy love, not in the hereafter alone, but here and now, in all circumstances.



Dr. Lewis Letter to Sri Durga Mata


Dear Durga, First I want to say that we love you very much.

When the Master asked you to take care of my ankle years ago I felt the Divine Mother in you at that time. And now it comes out again so wonderfully in the fine thing that you have done for us.

I have always thought of you with great reverence for I know the many sacrifices you have made and your obedience to Master's wishes.

That has been an inspiration to me, to take his discipline. I cannot forget your sacrifices with the Master in the early days. Also how you built the churches and of course the hermitage and other projects.

But to carry out Master's orders as to putting the Fellowship on a solid foundation, was your greatest victory.

I know it was a very difficult assignment- but you did it-and that is what counts. You have done an invaluable service to all of your brothers and sisters, everywhere.

I have one suggestion – that you now rest a little more from your labors, which is certainly in order – you have done so much.

Once more Durga, thank you for pouring oil on troubled waters, by your gesture, born of the Divine Love in you. If there is anything I can do, you know, all you have to do is ask.

As Master said to me, just before he left us, "Doctor, as we began in God's Love – let us finish." My deepest love to you, Durga.

– Dr. M. W. Lewis




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